Sheet metal flexible production plant

This project is mainly divided into two main production line projects, the first is the stainless steel door plate unmanned production line, the second is the carbon steel door plate unmanned production line, including AGV transfer, three-dimensional warehouse storage, door plate spraying production line, blanking packaging line, automatic packing and other components of a flexible elevator door plate production workshop. Pipeline production mode is adopted in the system area, focusing on efficiency and stability. AGV car is adopted for material area turnover, which focuses on the production organization mode, and the overall logistics is smooth, meeting the requirements of enterprises, saving labor cost, improving efficiency, improving product processing quality and product consistency.


The pressure riveting workstation in the production line is mainly used for the pressure riveting of the four corners of the workpiece of different sizes, which has the characteristics of strong adaptability, high efficiency, low failure rate, high precision and high degree of automation.

Reinforcing bar welding workstation is fed and positioned by the manipulator to reinforce the reinforcing bar at the designated position for resistance welding by the manipulator with truss. Resistance welding and multi-welding head simultaneous contact step welding mode are adopted to improve the welding efficiency.

Independent research and development of elevator sheet metal pieces of flexible production line by the centralized storage management board, automatic bending system, CNC punching machine, laser cutting machine, plate transfer dedicated manipulator, high-precision truss type robot manipulator, glue, welding robot, on-line detection device, AGV, semi-finished products, spraying line, automatic spraying manipulator and so on, up and down by ERP, APS and MES software, product data management (PDM), running monitoring system of production line, sheet metal typesetting software, such as manufacturing, logistics, packaging, staging full automatic operation management system at the same time realize the real meaning of the sheet metal flexible production.