Intelligent factories can achieve the purpose of strengthening and standardizing enterprise management, reducing work errors, plugging various loopholes, improving work efficiency, conducting safe production, providing decision-making reference, strengthening external contacts, and broadening the international market.It is that the intelligent factory utilizes various modern technologies, which realizes the automation of the office, management and production of the factory.The intelligent factory consists of a system that executes vertically from the upper level to the bottom layer, and a digital, intelligent control system that horizontal from receiving orders to product packaging out of the warehouse,and highly flexible and intelligent equipment.
Yuanda Intelligent Factory business unit provides software, hardware and systems from the management layer, control layer to electrical layer and field level.We can provide complete digital solutions for aerospace, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing, warehousing logistics, food and medicine and other fields of customers.At present, it has cooperated with Huawei, Haier, Foxconn and other industry leaders and a number of vehicle manufacturers.



Process flow chart


Application fields

1.Suitable for large-scale production and assembly enterprises, such as large-scale mechanical assembly and machining companies.
2.Suitable for enterprises with strict production process, such as aerospace, ammunition production enterprises.
3.Enterprises suitable for lean production management requirements, such as automotive assembly and food processing.


Technical Advantage

1.Networking of production equipment, realize "Internet of Things" in the workshop, and realize product life cycle management control. 2.Visualization of production data, use big data analysis to make production decisions, and realize lean production digital control. 3.Paperless production documents, efficient and green manufacturing. 4.Production site unmanned, truly "unmanned" factory.


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