Aeronautical Manufacture Department

It mainly involves intelligent manufacturing solutions in aviation product manufacturing and repair process. It mainly includes key equipment R&D, software development, key process improvement and intelligent production line. Replace the traditional manual process to improve efficiency and safety. The main technologies involved include parts assembly, welding, rivet, cutting and grinding, surface spraying and other intelligent equipment or production lines. In addition, we can provide intelligent logistics and intelligent warehousing solutions for aeronautical manufacture.

Aeronautical manufacture industry in China is now at a critical stage of industrial upgrading, with the development of manufacturing technology and new technology, new craft, new technology and new material have been applied in aeronautical manufacturing and repair process. Aeronautical manufacturing department of CNYD Robot has accumulated experiences and the practical cases in R&D and new technology. The aviation intelligent manufacturing industry is not only limited to the production and manufacturing of aircraft, but also has a large number of applications in the aviation repair process.

The main business of CNYD aeronautical manufacturing department is in line with the current development status of the aviation industry. With the intelligent manufacturing of aviation products as the main body and the new technology as the framework, we will provide our wisdom and labor for the upgrading of China's aviation manufacturing industry. The feature of existing aviation products is small batch and more varieties, high precision, manual labor intensity large. Based on these features, our company depends on some existing mature technology and some emerging technologies to join them into the process of intelligent manufacturing. For the feature of small batch and more varieties, we develop visual identification algorithm to provide a variety of intelligent identification. For accuracy requirements, we provide different level and form of test and measurement solutions. By use of new technology and develop special software, it can solve problems that cannot be solved by conventional means. In this way, it can replace part of the work that requires manual operation, so as to reduce part of manual labor intensity, improve work efficiency and ensure the consistency of work and operation.

At present, we have rich cases and experience in cutting, grinding, polishing, testing, assembling, automatic riveting, welding, glue coating and other fields. But not limited to these cases, our department can also provide our solutions and wisdom for other processes and links.


Automatic welding of thin-wall pipe parts

Automatic reverse of wing

Surface grinding and polishing after welding

Horizontal measurement